The Right Boots for Your Height

The Right Boots for Your Height
I love the tall boots, but am wondering if they are for women with longer legs? –J.G., Omaha. A: Relax. If you're in decent shape, … For women (mostly younger) who love to wear short boots and mini dresses: Don't compromise your leggy look with a …
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From the Creaux's Nest
With his cowboy boots, hat and western wear he always stood out. Several areas today lay claim to the … John Garner, 82, who played Cowboy John on Channel 4 children's show from 1957 to 1972, died Sunday, losing the battle to pancreatic cancer …

Anjelica Huston on Her Father, John Huston: “He Was Extremely Well-Endowed”
The news of my arrival was cabled promptly to the post office in the township of Butiaba, in western Uganda. … Dad was six feet two and long-legged, taller and stronger and with a more beautiful voice than anybody. His hair was … Not only women but …
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Texas-style boutique celebrates 20 years on McKinney square
Orisons orders new and trending designs a year out, always to stay ahead of fashion. The shop steers away from labeling its products "Western," preferring romantic with a playful, elegant tilt. Women consistently come from Houston and from Tulsa, Okla …
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