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If You’ve Seen 31/42 Of These Movies You’re A Romantic At Heart

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

All you need is love… or is it?

BuzzFeed – Hattie Soykan

These #TBT Pics of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton Will Bring You Back to 2006

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

It may have been Sunday, but that didn’t stop Paris Hilton from posting the most epic #TBT photos of her and a little-known gal named Kim Kardashian vacationing in 2006. If you weren’t around in the mid ’00s, first, you missed out on some killer fashion trends, second, here’s a little history lesson.

Before Kim Kardashian was, well, Kim Kardashian, she was actually Paris Hilton’s assistant. Yup. About a decade ago, instead of picking out her own designer gowns to uber-luxurious fashion galas and red carpets, Kim was doing menial tasks like cleaning Paris’s closet and making reservations for her at restaurants.

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Now you’re caught up with a pre-“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” era Kim, let’s go back to the amazing set of #TBT photos Paris posted on Sunday. Two days ago, Paris pretty much broke the Internet when she shared four super nostalgic photos of her and Kim partying it up in Ibiza in 2006. In the photos, the former boss and employee, who were accompanied by DJ Caroline D’Amore, can be seen doing things like taking selfies with wet hair, taking selfies in a club, taking selfies on a yacht, and taking selfies while getting Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. (Essentially, a lot of selfies.)

“Good Times in Ibiza with @KimKardashian & @CarolineDamore#GirlsTrip2006,” Paris tweeted.

Naturally, Kim concurred with her own response. “Best trip!” she tweeted back.

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To celebrate the Paris-Kim reunion, the people of the Internet couldn’t help by replying all with their own #TBT pics of Kim. Among those tweets were GIFs of Paris and Kim on “The Simple Life” in which Paris told Kim to stop talking to her, as well as the two sipping on Grey Goose and texting on pretty much prehistoric BlackBerries.

Thank you @ the world for bringing these photos into our lives. In the words of Paris Hilton, “That’s hot.”


The Emotional Reasons Why These 10 Celebrities Went Sober

Monday, July 3rd, 2017

You don’t have to walk too far in Hollywood to find drugs, sex, and alcohol, and it’s easy to let things get too far. While there is nothing wrong with drinking alcohol in moderation, excessive drinking can lead to poor judgement and longterm health problems.

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Some of these celebrities learned that the hard way, which is why they swore off alcohol (and other forms of intoxications) in an effort to go sober. Read the emotional reasons why these 10 celebrities no longer drink. We applaud them.


Bet You Can’t Guess If These Legs Belong to Gigi or Bella Hadid

Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

Bella and Gigi Hadid may be sisters, but they certainly aren’t identical. For starters, Bella is the dark-haired, fair-skinned, younger-by-a-year sister; Gigi, the California girl of the family with her long blonde hair. Bella often likes to channel a moody, goth vibe, with darker eye makeup and lipstick; Gigi skews trendier, often opting for neutral makeup and easy-breezy outfits. Though they distinguish themselves with clothes and makeup, they also look strikingly similar in many ways.

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But there’s at least one area in which they’re particularly hard to tell apart: their legs. Both sisters are tall and lean; though technically Bella is an inch shorter than Gigi (Bellz is 5’9″ to Gigi’s 5’10”), their legs seem equally mile-long. Ahead, we found a bunch of pics of the Hadid sisters in their natural habitat—stomping a runway or trekking along the city streets. Start the slideshow to see if you can ID each sister by their legs alone—and click through to discover if your guesses are correct.

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Ladies, these boots are made for walking – and for holding your gear

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

Ladies, these boots are made for walking – and for holding your gear
The PURSE N' BOOTS – EUROPEAN knee-high boots from Elizabeth Anne shoes are made of luxurious cowhide, and although they are made in a riding boot style, you can wear them for most any activity. They are available in brown or black, in sizes from …
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Rotherham, Political Correctness, & The Rape Of Common Sense
When he ruled a certain district of India he supposedly stopped the practice of widows being “assisted” onto their husbands funeral pyre by pointing out: “you say this is your custom, well our custom is to hang men who murder women, so I will have …
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These boots were made for… strutting the catwalk at London fashion week

Thursday, February 6th, 2014

These boots were made for… strutting the catwalk at London fashion week
Now the world of high fashion and wellingtons are set to collide again as Hunter prepares to send models down the catwalk in boots at London fashion week this month. "We have always maintained that a unique opportunity exists to develop Hunter from a …
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Fashion Week kicks off in snowy New York with anoraks, sweaters
The looks by Nicholas K evoked a post-apocalyptic world with models clad in asymmetrical black leather jackets, baggy shorts rolled up over leggings, fur hoods and clunky black rubber boots. The looks seemed fitting given the heaps of snow outside, and …
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Journey to the heart of the house price bubble
Edition: UK US AU … The tenant, who has left her spaniel alone in the flat, has discarded belongings on every surface, leaving an explosion of tangled clothes, odd boots, bottles of hair dye, socks, sunglasses, loo-paper rolls, DVDs, all thrown on to …
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Open Question: Do these Nike Air Max Ombre’s exist and where to find them?

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

The blue/purple and blue/green trainers in this photo

Yahoo! Answers: Fashion & Accessories

What Fashion Magazines Still Make Us Care About After All These Years

Sunday, August 25th, 2013

What Fashion Magazines Still Make Us Care About After All These Years
Although these themes may seem like new ideas, they have actually been kicking around the magazine world for decades. To prove our theory, we've rounded up a few of the most famous women's fashion magazine over the years to compare the covers.
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Women: Please Don't Be Stylish. Also Please Don't Be Frumpy.
On the other hand, to be a fashionable woman, like Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, means taking the chance that you're going to be dismissed as less-than. "[W]omen who take an active interest in fashion and beauty are to both be commended (personal …
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Hearst, Estée Lauder Team Up for Flipboard Magazine
“Flipboard is a creative platform for engaging, entertaining and informing women who are interested in beauty and fashion,” said Gustavo Andriani, vice president, North America marketing for Estée Lauder. “The distinct voices and points of view from …
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Are you man enough to wear these mandals?

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Are you man enough to wear these mandals?
''I had a bit of an issue for a while about women wearing open-toed shoes, it's just something that didn't appeal to my eye. Definitely no for a guy.'' But Smith admitted to being a fan of thongs. ''I do wear thongs. But as far as shoes with just the …

Dutch Fork Graduate Turns Passion for Shoes into a Business
Dutch Fork Graduate Turns Passion for Shoes into a Business. 2013 graduate Sable Bowler came up with a plan for a business called Unique Soles that sells shoes to women who wear sizes 11 through 14. Posted by Tiffany Barkley (Editor) , August 16, 2013 …

Carmen Carrera: Show Girl
My father died of AIDS when I was 2, but I grew up really happy; there were women around me all the time, and a lot of love. My mom is … So I learned very quickly that I had to keep certain things to myself: I'd try to act like a boy and wear …
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Texas state Sen. Wendy Davis dishes to Vogue on escaping poverty, leading
… for Louboutins. The pro-choice Texas politician, who became an overnight star this summer after staging an epic 12-hour filibuster to defeat a strict anti-abortion law, told parts of her life story to fashion magazine Vogue. … She eventually …
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What Creators These Mortals Be

Friday, June 14th, 2013

What Creators These Mortals Be
Mr. Kent said this choice makes thematic sense since the 1920s were the era of women's suffrage, and the play partly deals with a young woman wanting to marry the man of her own choosing, not of her father's. PUCK The veteran character actor Lawrence …
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Analysis: What can we learn from Walmart's AGM?
After stints at fashion retailer Matalan and frozen food specialist Iceland, Clarke returned to Asda in 2005 as retail director, becoming chief operating officer two years later. … I felt it was a moment for us to embrace differently our relationship …
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Cherokee Management Discusses Q1 2014 Results – Earnings Call Transcript
With the completion of the first quarter, we are off to a solid start to the fiscal year, particularly with several of our international partners and here at home in the U.S. with Target, where our business is shaping up to be even stronger than last …
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