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19 Snuggly, Stylish Teddy Coats to Shop Right Now

Monday, December 11th, 2017

We’re firm believers in the idea that you can pretty much never have too many coats—particularly if you live in a place where temperatures plummet come winter. It’s ideal to have a few chic options to rotate through, like a printed statement coat, a sleek puffer (yes, those exist), and, of course, our current favorite: teddy bear coats. After appearing on the fall 2017 runways of Max Mara, Miu Miu and Sandy Liang, these aptly named fuzzy toppers are having a major fashion moment.

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We love the shaggy texture that falls somewhere between fluffy shearling and fleece, and which somehow looks bohemian yet also upscale and polished. Whether your choose a fashion-forward color block option or stick with classic creams and browns, this season’s hottest outerwear will keep you looking cool while keeping you toasty.

Click through and shop 19 chic yet cozy teddy coats that you’ll want to cuddle up in all winter long.


21 Fresh-Feeling Ways to Wear and Style a Blazer Right Now

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Whether you work in a corporate office or are a remote worker who coffee-shop-hops, blazers are the easiest way to make any old outfit look polished and put-together. Equally cool paired with jeans or a jumpsuit, there are practically unlimited ways to wear this boxy classic.

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Some of our favorite bloggers have demonstrated how to style blazers in ways that don’t remind us of the ’20s (although vintage can be chic, people!). Try rolling up the sleeves and dressing them down with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. Whether you go with one that’s menswear-inspired and oversized or cropped and feminine, playing with cuts, colors, and textures is the best way to find your blazer styling sweet spot.

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While blazers are ultimately practical pieces and may not feel quite as exciting to shop for as, say, crop tops or tasseled earrings, we promise you won’t regret shopping any of the ones ahead (nor copying any of the styling tricks you’ll see here).


Kim Kardashian Ordered McDonald’s Right Before Boarding a Private Jet

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017

With bank accounts like the Kardashian-Jenners, it’s easy to imagine reality television’s royal family eating like kings and queens on the reg—with five-star meals probably staples in their diets. But like the semi-regular people they are, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” ladies can’t just eat Health Nut salads and gold-encrusted food forever. This was proven when Kim Kardashian and hubby Kanye West were caught redhanded digging into a bag of greasy McDonald’s right before boarding a private jet. (As regular people do.)

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We learned of Kim’s McDonald’s order over the weekend when her younger sister Khloe snapchatted her devouring a large thing of Mickey D’s fries while waiting for her private jet to San Francisco. But of course, you can’t expect Kim to just fuel up on fries, right?! In the video, Kim, Kanye, Khloe, her boyfriend Tristan Thompson, and a few other friends can be seen waiting on an airport tarmac for their ride.

The clip also shows Khloe and Tristan looking at Kim in amazement as she gobbles fry after fry with a large whipped cream-topped milkshake ready as the next course. While Khloe doesn’t indulge with Kim (makes sense, considering her strict seven-meal-a-day diet), Kanye—who is holding a brown McDonald’s bag of his own—does reach in to steal few fries.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram
Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

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But don’t feel bad for Khloe, either. Even if the youngest Kardashian sister is on a diet that involves eating 12 (yes, exactly 12) almonds for a meal, it appears she also got Mickey D’s to go, judging from the iconic brown paper bag she gripped in her hands.

While we’ll have to wait to find out Khloe’s go-to McDonald’s order, at least we know that Kim—who’s also documented herself pigging out to Kentucky Fried Chicken and In-N-Out—loves a good large fry and vanilla milkshake. Sounds like she’s hitting all the right food groups.


6 Weirdly Awesome Korean Sheet Masks You Need to Instagram Right Now

Monday, May 29th, 2017

We’ll admit it: We live in such a picture-obsessed era that it’s practically blasphemous if you don’t Instagram/Snapchat/InstaStory every second of your day. And it’s equally true that the newest set of Korean beauty products encourages that obsession: Think food-inspired beauty products, skin-loving makeup removers, crazy unique anti-aging serums, and most recently, character sheet masks, which are basically selfie-worthy Instagram treasures for your medicine cabinet.

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But just like your other serum-packed sheet masks that, thanks to the K-beauty world, are seriously affordable (read: under $ 5) and effective, the newest iteration peels off to form the most weirdly awesome, cartoon-looking character masks—and we can’t get enough of them. So if you’re looking to hydrate, brighten, and hardcore improve the texture of your skin, all while getting a really solid Instagram selfie, then it’s time you ditch your normal masks and get your hands on these pug, dragon, and sea otter masks. Because if you didn’t sea otter mask and take a photo of it, did it really happen?

Ahead, six of our favorite Korean sheet masks that you’ll never, ever want to take off your face.

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21 Majorly Chic One-Piece Swimsuits to Shop Right Now

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Maybe you’re not too keen on showing a lot of skin, or maybe you want to be able to recruit half a dozen strangers for an impromptu game of beach volleyball—or maybe, just maybe, you simply prefer a one-piece swimsuit. (We hear ya.)

A few seasons ago, you’d have had to hunt down the manufacturers who make all the world’s lifeguard uniforms and probably place an order by mail, or, if you were lucky, head into a store marketed to women decades above your age-range and pick out one that was cut in all the wrong places—and then you’d probably have to deal with your friends making fun of you for ditching your bikini in the first place. But now, both luxury and mass retailers alike have finally swung to the opposite side of the pendulum, and chic one-piece options are everywhere—so much so, that we’ve had no trouble at all saying goodbye to our triangle two-pieces.

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Even better, you don’t have to settle for two or three interchangeable and largely unflattering silhouettes: Brands like Alix and Jade Swim offer one-shoulder styles that could easily double as an off-duty bodysuit, and Reformation just launched its first line of swimwear, complete with a gingham-print monokini—or you could scoop up a ruffled style from Aerie or H&M, or opt for a color-blocked version that’s just begging to be worn with a pair of oversized sunglasses. Either way, the modest one-piece swimsuit isn’t just that: it’s majorly chic now, too—and we found 21 styles we’re dying to add to cart. It’s been real, bikinis. 

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Are Your Accessories Right For Your Body Type?

Wednesday, December 18th, 2013

There’s  no such thing as a bad body type. You can look stylish and confident no matter what your shape by dressing in a way that highlights your best features and downplays your trouble spots. Certain styles of clothing will help enhance your figure, but the right accessories can make a big difference too.  Stylist Emily Monkman has this these tips […]

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Thursday, October 24th, 2013

The Right Boots for Your Height
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