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Kendall Jenner Fires Back at Criticism That She Doesn’t ‘Work as Hard’ as ’90s Supermodels

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Kendall Jenner might have had a leg up in the modeling world, but she isn’t letting anyone discredit her success. The 22-year-old model fired back at critics who argue that she didn’t “work as hard” as ’90s supermodels, like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell, because of her family name and massive social media following.

In an interview with Cara Delevingne in Harper’s Bazaar, Jenner slammed the idea that she had an “easier” path to success because of her already-established fame. She argued that, despite her social media following, she still had to jump through the same hoops as other struggling models.

“A lot of people are like, ‘Oh, it’s so much easier now because you have Instagram. You don’t even need an agency anymore.’ But that’s just not true,” Jenner said. “I still had to go to all the castings, I still had to go meet all the photographers, I still had to do all of that to get to where I am now.”

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She contended that, though “social media obviously has a lot to do with how [the industry] is different,” she didn’t skip any steps because she had an Instagram. She revealed that ’90s supermodels like Crawford backed up her opinion.

“There wasn’t a step taken out just because I had social media,” Jenner said. “I still have 12-hour days, I still have even 24-hour days sometimes; I still have to do all those things. We don’t work any less hard than the ’90s models did when they were young.”

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Like a lot of her family’s accomplishments, Jenner’s success is a controversial topic. Though Crawford might back her up, other ’90s supermodels like Campbell have been outspoken about how social media gives a huge leg up to models of today. We expect Jenner’s comments to spark some rebuttals.


Kendall Jenner’s 11-Minute Workout Is Actually Genius

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

We already know that Kendall Jenner works out with trainer Gunnar Peterson almost every day.” And her workouts are extreme: sled-pushing, lateral banded work, running up and down the track, and high-intensity cardio are all in a day’s work. But lest you believe that Jenner just skips the workouts when she’s, say, at Paris Fashion Week, we’re here to set you straight: Jenner has an 11-minute workout that she apparently swears by, and she brings it on the road with her.

If I’m traveling or don’t feel like leaving my house, these are ALL the moves I try to get in—in just 11 minutes!” she (or a ghostwriter) wrote on her app. The accompanying video looks like a pretty well-rounded workout, TBH. 

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The full video, which is available on her app, features a model (spoiler alert: not Kendall) showing all of the moves, and there are quite a few to squeeze in just 11 minutes. First up: a forearm plank, to hold for 30 seconds. “Keep your hips in straight line,” the video advised. Next, high plank for 30 seconds, “fingers spread wide; shoulders above wrists.” For side plank, to be done on both sides for 15 seconds each, “rest on your forearm with other arm in the air,” and “keep body as straight as possible.” When you’re done with each side plank, do five reps on each side of side plank crunches, bringing your “elbow to meet knee.”

Next up: Single arm/leg planks, alternating lifting one limb at a time while you balance in plank for 15 seconds. Next, rocking plank for 15 seconds, shifting weight forward and backward and moving “slowly and precisely,” and a knee-to-elbow plank, with five reps on each side. And then the ab work: 20 crunches, natch, followed by 30 seconds of bicycle crunches, 20 seconds of vertical crunches, 15 frog crunches, and 15 twisted crunches. To round things out, leg lifts (15 on each side) in plank. And you’re done.

Honestly, this seems like the easiest workout—and it also seems effective. Anyone else planning on rolling out a yoga mat tonight after work and giving this a twirl? Sign us up.

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