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Kendall Jenner Fires Back at Criticism That She Doesn’t ‘Work as Hard’ as ’90s Supermodels

Thursday, January 11th, 2018

Kendall Jenner might have had a leg up in the modeling world, but she isn’t letting anyone discredit her success. The 22-year-old model fired back at critics who argue that she didn’t “work as hard” as ’90s supermodels, like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell, because of her family name and massive social media following.

In an interview with Cara Delevingne in Harper’s Bazaar, Jenner slammed the idea that she had an “easier” path to success because of her already-established fame. She argued that, despite her social media following, she still had to jump through the same hoops as other struggling models.

“A lot of people are like, ‘Oh, it’s so much easier now because you have Instagram. You don’t even need an agency anymore.’ But that’s just not true,” Jenner said. “I still had to go to all the castings, I still had to go meet all the photographers, I still had to do all of that to get to where I am now.”

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She contended that, though “social media obviously has a lot to do with how [the industry] is different,” she didn’t skip any steps because she had an Instagram. She revealed that ’90s supermodels like Crawford backed up her opinion.

“There wasn’t a step taken out just because I had social media,” Jenner said. “I still have 12-hour days, I still have even 24-hour days sometimes; I still have to do all those things. We don’t work any less hard than the ’90s models did when they were young.”

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Like a lot of her family’s accomplishments, Jenner’s success is a controversial topic. Though Crawford might back her up, other ’90s supermodels like Campbell have been outspoken about how social media gives a huge leg up to models of today. We expect Jenner’s comments to spark some rebuttals.


Kylie Jenner Had a Surprise 20th Birthday Bash

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

Today is Kylie Jenner’s 20th birthday, so to celebrate the end of her teenage years, the Kardashian clan threw their youngest sister a surprise birthday party last night. The entire evening was (naturally) documented on all forms of social media thanks to Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kris Jenner, who were all there.

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The moment everyone surprised Kylie was, of course, cute and adorable, especially the part where Kylie made a beeline toward her rumored boyfriend Travis Scott to give him a giant hug.

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Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram
Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

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We have to say, though, that our absolute favorite thing about the entire party was probably the giant ice sculpture of Kylie’s butt—and we mean giant. Kylie was clearly amused by it as well.

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It’s impressive to think about how much of a name the youngest Jenner has made for herself in just 20 years. Sometimes it’s easy to forget she’s not even legally allowed to drink yet. (We’re told this is Coke.)

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The excitement didn’t end last night, though. Birthday wishes have been pouring in all morning from the Kardashians and close friends like Tiffany Sorya and Paris Hilton, but the most touching post came from Mama Kardashian herself.

“Happy birthday my beauty, @Kyliejenner! 20 today!!” Kris wrote. “I am so proud of the young woman you have become. Kind, generous, hard-working, funny and beautiful inside and out. You are one of a kind, and I’m grateful every day that God gave me you. I love being your mommy! There is so much ahead for you, my angel, and I can’t wait to see what your 20s has in store!! I love you more than you will ever know! Mommy xo”

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The party was clearly a success, Kylie looked genuinely surprised, and we low-key wish the Kardashians would show us a little love at our next birthday bash (please?).


This Designer Has Receipts that Say Kylie Jenner Stole Her Ideas

Saturday, June 10th, 2017

Kylie Jenner may be a lot of things, but is thief one of them? The 19-year-old is under fire from New York-based indie streetwear shop, PluggedNYC, for allegedly stealing their designs—and on top of that, the brand apparently has the receipts to prove it. (Get out your tea, people!)

After the reality star announced her new line of camo-printed clothing on Wednesday, the Internet was quick to point out that Kylie’s all-camo looks shared a striking similarity to a camo collection Plugged had been selling for ages. Tizita Balemlay, Plugged’s creative director, apparently saw the resemblance too, which is why she reportedly leaked receipts proving that Kylie knew about (and was a fan of) Plugged’s camo collection before she dropped one of her own. (Drama!)

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The receipts consist of a series of emails between Balemlay and Kylie’s team, who ask the designer if Kylie could be a gifted a few of Plugged’s clothing pieces—specifically, the brand’s camo bikinis. (Kylie’s alleged replica of the camo bathing suits also happen to be her most popular item, selling out within a day.)

The alleged emails go on to reveal that Kylie “loved” the pieces Plugged sent over, and wanted to see if the brand could make custom items for her. (Though we couldn’t find the original source of Balemlay’s receipt drops, you can read a reposting of the emails below.)

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But the drama didn’t end there. Shortly after Kylie’s line was announced, Balemlay took to Instagram to slam the reality star for not only “copy and pasting” her designs, but also styling her ads in the same exact way.

“I am the influence *drops mic,” Balemlay wrote in the caption. “Copy & Paste down to the shoes I used on my models.”

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The designer also shut down critics who argued that Kylie wasn’t at fault as Balemlay wasn’t the person who originated camo. She said that, though she wasn’t the ~inventor~ of camo, she did start the trend of using camo in two pieces. She evidenced this by including pics of celebrities like Rihanna, Little Mix and Keke Palmer wearing her designs.

“I can’t remember one brand that sold matching Camo two pieces that weren’t generic tees with cargo for ladies before my brand,” she wrote. “Funny how someone can just take a whole movement bc of how much money and power they have.”

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In addition to being accused of stealing the ideas of a black designer, Kylie is also fighting off claims of cultural appropriation. Like the time she wore cornrows (and many times after that), Kylie is getting slammed for stealing from black culture—with many critics referencing the camo two pieces Destiny’s Child wore in their “Survivor” music video 16 years ago.

“Destiny Child’s didn’t wear camo bikinis 16 years ago in Survivor video for you to say Kylie is the one to start the trend. Respect yourself,” one critic tweeted.

“Every time this girl does something, they say she is starting a trend,” another added.

All we got to say is…yikes.



This Kylie Jenner Superfan Has 8 Tattoos Dedicated to Her

Friday, June 2nd, 2017

We know Kylie Jenner has some of the most passionate fans in the Kardashian-Jenner clan, so it’s not too big of a surprise to hear that one or two supporters out there have dedicated tattoos to her. But to learn that one superfan—who is the subject of a new short documentary titled, “Kylie Jenner’s Superfan“—inked eight (!) Kylie-inspired tattoos on his body and decorated his entire room after her, now we’re shook.

Johnny Cyrus, a 19-year-old Kylie stan from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has amassed more than 100,000 Instagram followers for his love of the 19-year-old “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star. While most kids out there are ‘gramming their ice creams or OOTDs, Cyrus’s Instagram feed is filled with pictures of swag, clothing, furniture and tattoos all themed around the younger Jenner sister. (To be fair, he does include a lot of OOTDs—all of which feature at least one piece of Kylie clothing.)

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The documentary followed Cyrus as he headed to the tattoo parlor with an image of cartoon flames from a pair of Kylie-branded sweatpants. The tattoo, which he received on his forearm, rounded out his collection of eight dedicated to the makeup mogul.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

His other tattoos include a pair of dripping lips from the reality star’s lip kit logo, the names of her first three lip glosses, a line of lip kit color swatches, a Kimoji of Kylie rolling her eyes, and two eyes from Kylie’s Kyshadow collection. His first tat (and arguably his most simple) was a “King Kylie” logo with a capital K and crown.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram
Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

But Cyrus’s Kylie obsession doesn’t stop with his body. The camera followed him into his home where viewers got to see a bevy of Kylie-inspired trinkets, including a Jesus candle with Kylie’s head, and dozens of pillows, posters and shirts with the E! star’s face front and center. Did we mention he also has Kardashian toilet paper?

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

The film also documented Cyrus’s fourth time meeting Kylie at her pop-up shop in New York City. (Though he claimed that they talk “everyday” on social media—hmm, not sure what to think about that.)

“People look at me as a fan, but they also look at me as a friend,” he said in the video. “I don’t really consider [Kylie] a celebrity anymore. It’s cool that’s she’s famous, but I look at her more as a best friend.”

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The documentary ended with Cyrus hoping to potentially work as “part of the team” for the reality TV family. Though he also noted that he already feels like an employee for the Kardashian-Jenner empire considering how much he promos their products.

“When I’m 70 people will probably still call me the guy with the Kylie Jenner tattoos, which is fine!” he said.

Hey, everybody’s gotta have a dream. Power to ya, Johnny.

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