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How Kourtney Kardashian Uses Green Tea to Help Keep Her Diet Balanced

Thursday, September 14th, 2017

As a mom of three, Kourtney Kardashian is always thinking about the healthiest options—not just for her little ones, but for herself. But as a mere human, the 38-year-old reality star knows how hard it is sometimes to fight cravings, which is why she’s picked up a smart trick over the years to resist less-healthy foods and stay on track with a balanced diet.

In a new post on her website, Kourtney revealed that bread baskets at restaurants are one of her biggest vices. And though bread isn’t bad (hello, we love it) devouring a whole basket’s worth before digging into an entrée that likely contains important nutrients like protein and fiber may not what be everyone’s body always wants or needs.

So, Kourtney said her first order of business when eating out is to a cup of green tea with almond milk and honey. Of course, the tea isn’t to replace her food; it’s simply to keep her hands and taste buds occupied with a healthy option until her real meal arrives. And while the fact that green tea is good for you certainly isn’t groundbreaking—it’s well-established and research-backed that the drink contains tons of antioxidants, nutrients, and can benefit your body in major ways—we like the idea of sipping on something sweet, satisfying, and good for you while waiting for an entrée.

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The post, titled “How I Eat Healthy Wherever I Go,” also delved into Kourtney’s other health tips, including the fact that she’s not afraid to ask point-blank where her food is coming from. “I talk to the restaurants in my neighborhood and find out where they source their food. I’ll ask if their meat is grass-fed, whether or not their produce is organic or local, things like that,” she wrote. “Being informed helps me choose the best local restaurants to go to with my family.”

As for times when there aren’t many healthy options around, like the airport, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star makes sure to pack a bag of Kourtney-approved snacks for her kids to munch on. “Bringing your own snacks—especially for the kids—is a great way to have healthy options that everyone likes,” she wrote. “Also, if we’re gone for a big trip, I’ll pack a bag full of gluten-free snacks to bring with us, so we have our pantry staples wherever we go.”

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Though Kourtney’s diet might seem strict to some, it’s important to note that she’s simply sharing a system that works for her, and everyone’s body is different. What works for Kourtney may not work for you. If restaurant bread baskets are one of your great joys in life (raises hand) then we certainly don’t advocate depriving yourself.


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