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The Best Blushes According to Your Skin’s Undertones

Sunday, November 26th, 2017

Blush is tricky. But before you can even contemplate applying it, finding a shade that actually compliments your skin tone is the first step. Unfortunately, the spectrum of blush colors is practically never-ending, making it pretty difficult to find just one on the first try. What most of us tend to forget is that knowing your undertone is the key to avoiding a lot of trial and error. As we’ve discussed before, our skin has two layers: the one we usually describing ourselves as having, and a less visible one underneath the skin’s surface.

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The latter- typically categorized as warm, cool or neutral (a combo of the first two) – has a major effect on which makeup colors look most natural on our face.  There are a number of ways to determine which one applies to you, like checking the color of your veins and eyes. But when all else fails or your patience is at an all-time low, go straight to an expert for product picks.

Renny Vasquez, a pro makeup artist with A-list clientele (Gabrielle Union, Serena Williams, Chrissy Teigen), says, “I assess the skin tone and based on the undertones that create a cool, medium or warm skin tone, I knows the hue of blush they need. For example, warm tones have peachy, yellow and golden undertones, so you’ll need blushes that bring out those colors. Cool skin has more pink undertones, so you apply the same philosophy.”

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In short: the blush you wear should directly mimic the type of undertone you have. Check out Rasquez’s top picks according to the most common undertone combinations below.