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Vogue UK editor defends her 'fashion fakery' film

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

Vogue UK editor defends her 'fashion fakery' film
The women marching through the revolving doors into the London office of Vogue, fashion bible to the planet, may be homogenous in their casually chic approach to clothes. But – curvy, skinny, trim and sometimes wobbly – they are far from uniform in shape.
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Bloch: Check your boots!
Please do yourself a favor and get the best boots you can afford, and if they're new, wear them every day for a week or two before the season actually starts. If last year's models are still in good order, check them anyway … If your plans will take …
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'Fashion Star' his and her fashion task eliminates a fan favorite

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Team Nicole: Daniel Silverstein's women's denim romper and men's denim jacket can both be found at Express. He has sold the most on “Fashion Star” to date, totaling over $ 800,000. Team Jessica: JesseRay Vasquez and Garrett Gerson's shirtdress created
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