HUGE Back To School Clothing Haul! (Brandy Melville, Top Shop, Forever 21, American Eagle, Etc.)

OPEN FOR AWESOMENESS!!! Hey Guys! I hope you enjoyed this video. I wanted to make it as quick and informative as possible so your future shopping trips would…
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25 Responses to “HUGE Back To School Clothing Haul! (Brandy Melville, Top Shop, Forever 21, American Eagle, Etc.)”

  1. makeyousparkle says:

    Ugh I know! I went to school and a bunch of people had the same backpack.
    Thank you! 😀 <3

  2. TuiAway says:

    Oh my goodness, so many fashion / beauty gurus on youtube have presented that very same polka dot backpack. I just laughed when I saw it again!
    Anyways, awesome haul (: Gotta like your style!

  3. allthatjazz (Brandy Melville Giveaway at 200 subs!) says:

    I’m doing an AMAZING giveaway!
    Brandy Melville and Ulta!
    Be sure to watch the video and follow the rules to enter!
    Check out my channel for more information!

  4. makeyousparkle says:

    Thanks! :)

  5. makeyousparkle says:

    Thank you!! :)

  6. Natacha Rios says:

    Ah so cute! Love the floral jacket! <3

  7. makeyousparkle says:

    Thats my favorite way to dress! 🙂

  8. Nicole J says:

    Your style is edgy and girls at the same time!

  9. makeyousparkle says:

    Thank you! :D

  10. Nia K says:

    i’m obsessed with the color of your hair!

  11. makeyousparkle says:

    Thank you so much!!! 😀

  12. Numra Maryam says:

    Wow you looke really nice in all these clothes!:)

  13. makeyousparkle says:

    yay 😀

  14. allie elkins says:

    I will 🙂 

  15. makeyousparkle says:

    omg i know !! I was rewatching this video and I was like shaking my head going “wow maria you have such a strong vocabulary using adorable and cute every 5 seconds”. I am ashamed but hey as you said us girls love our cute and adorable haha 🙂

  16. kimberly Boyles says:

    lol as girls we love saying cute or adorable

  17. makeyousparkle says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  18. Gina Cangemi says:

    Love your hair!

  19. makeyousparkle says:

    Thanks so much!!! <3

  20. makeyousparkle says:

    oooooo tweet me a pic! I am trying to grow my shoe collection 🙂

  21. makeyousparkle says:

    Thank you! 🙂 haha yeah I was saving up for awhile. I usually only shop once every season. Instead of here and there shopping. 🙂

  22. bryash1000 says:

    Omg omg! This video and your style is amazinggg!

  23. allie elkins says:

    I went to forever 21 today and got the cutest floral flats <3

  24. Cesilia Rojas says:

    Soo cute! Wish I could afford all that 😮 ..but such a cute haul!:)

  25. makeyousparkle says:

    Thank you so much :D