Exactly How to Pull Off Rounded Winged Eyeliner

Fashion Week has always set the tone for the next big beauty trends. It brought us bold lips (a look we don’t see going anywhere anytime soon), Renaissance-inspired braids, monochromatic makeup, and no-makeup-makeup that still makes us rejoice on the inside.

But if we’re honest, the trends we love most are the styles we can actually try at home without help from a friend or pro. So when models at this week’s Tom Ford and Jason Wu shows sported rounded winged eyeliner, naturally, we were thrilled. Just when we thought eyeliner couldn’t get any better, makeup artists rounded the look for an effect that’s both sexy and casual—and not that hard to do.

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To create the look yourself, messy is the key word to remember. You’ll want to throw precision out the window, grab your favorite creamy shadow and create a circle with a small brush or even your pinky.

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Although you don’t have to be too perfectionistic, you’ll want to take proper care in making sure the liner is even on both eyes, so keep your Q-tips handy to clean up the edges. Since eyes are your face’s focal point (second to brows of course), you want to aim for a generally symmetrical look.

Best of all, rounded winged eyeliner doesn’t require careful application on your inner waterline (goodbye tight-lining!) and the more smudged it is, the better. So take a look at our favorite rounded looks from Fashion Week and try them at home, keeping in mind the end result should be gorgeously diffused and soft-focus.


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