31 Times Olivia Palermo’s Best Hairstyles Were #Goals

Everyone’s girl crush, Olivia Palermo, is widely lauded for her ability to make even the cheapest fast-fashion look like it’s Gucci layered on Prada. But while we’ve been bookmarking every single outfit she’s worn since 2012, there’s one thing we’ve been overlooking this whole time: her hair. Yep, while doing a little street style research of my own—I regularly flip through her recent outfits while staring blankly at my own closet, or worse, the racks at Zara—I realized her hair is always completely on-point.

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Sure, she can thank good genes and a solid colorist, but it’s hairstylist Lacy Redway—who also counts Jourdan Dunn and Alicia Keys as clients–that’s largely responsible for giving Palermo the best locks of any front-row attendee at Fashion Week. To show you what we mean, we culled her most gorgeous hairstyles throughout the past few years, including her signature soft waves, a braided half-up style, and a twisted chignon we still can’t figure out how to do. 31 of Olivia Palermo’s best hairstyles, below.

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