Hey Dolls 🙂 these are a few of my FAVORITE fat women clothing stores that carry TRENDING clothing in 2013. comment and let me know what ya think! Hey Dolls …
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  1. MissLamabean says:

    Super helpful. I hadn’t heard of a few of those places and I didn’t even
    know Rainbow carried plus size stuff

  2. Corazon Aguas says:

    Rainbows too

  3. Robbie Johnson says:

    I love your personality. Keep doing what you do. By the way, Rainbows is my
    favorite store and I’m a curvy healthy woman. 

  4. Robyn Dior says:

    Simply amazing new sub…i used to work for torrid love them so much!!!

  5. Lg3120 says:

    New subby. Love this video. Can’t wait to watch more videos.

    * TMI but whatever.
    my issues with some clothing is that because I’m am small at the bottom(
    small butt big hips wide thighs) and bigger on top (wide back, big upper
    arms and C cup. It’s not even a full C but not a B) some plus size pants
    fit & close (yay!) but fit loose at the bottom (boo!). I find tops that fit
    okay but are tight at the arms and go up into my back fat or a much to lose
    in the chest area. It’s frustrating when you’re big but don’t fit the full
    figure, curvious plus size clothing out there. I’m on a witch hunt to find
    as many plus size store as I can and find the right fit for me. The plus
    size clothing journey is a constant fight for me. Wish this waffle cone
    shaped girl good luck. Thanks for the video!


  6. T. Kuykendall says:

    Hi Lily. You are so pretty, vibrant and upbeat. I really enjoyed your
    video. I’m personally a size 12 and when I’m on the hunt for a cheap top
    or dress for my summer wardrobe, Rainbow Plus is a store that I consider.
    One con though… I’m not sure if it’s your contouring make-up(?), but
    your forehead and the top of your cheeks look chalky white. I’d love to
    see you tone that down a tat and bronze it up a bit. Nonetheless I enjoyed
    you and will subscribe. And Lillies are my favorite flower! So when I
    think of you, I’ll be thinking flower girl. 🙂 God bless.

  7. Camille Jones says:

    Hey Lily have you ever shopped at Plus Size Fix. Its a online store ?

  8. Shaquila Burks says:

    Out here in LA it’s a Rainbow almost every block …. And love love
    Torrid…definitely fav store!!! And new subbie here

  9. AnnaMarie1395 says:

    Subscribed u are so beautiful!!

  10. jasmine steele says:

    Thanks Roslyn! 

  11. TakiyahJ2 says:

    I just ordered some clothes from gstagelove. I pray they fit!!

  12. Eagleeyeshopper1 says:

    Thanks for sharing! Great tips!

  13. Adriana Vonjo says:

    Love you.doll :)

  14. Jordan Noble says:

    I love Old Navy!!! 

  15. Ericka Ellout says:

    thanks this was needful for me!! 

  16. selina mullen says:

    Wow (: You Are Really Gorgeous! And I Love your fashion c: You are such a
    inspiration to other plus size women ! You inspire me also, Keep Making
    videos ♡ Because You Make others feel confident more about their bodies !
    You’re a amazing girl! Just Subscribed . 

  17. Kay Spell says:

    honey i am new subscribber and i am plus size girl i weigh 294 pounds,
    would love to find some online plus size stores online. i normally wear a
    4x now but i need help finding some clothes , please help… 

  18. MsJayeTheDiva Hicks says:

    Hey there beautiful girl, just wanted to say you are firece Hunty! Keep
    doing what you doing

  19. wizardofroz86 says:

    i just subbed! great advice and im so happy i found u!!! <3 keep it up :)

  20. Shanell Jefferson says:

    Your videos are giving me so much life! Thanks so much!

  21. Cathy Navarro says:

    <3 you! Any tips or great clothing store suggestions for boys? I have an
    adorable ten year old. He is a big boy... I have found Levis 550 jeans to
    fit him great. I buy them longer, cut and fray the ends for a very cool
    look! Shirts are hard to buy because anything that fits around is usually
    to long. thank you for your time... xo! 

  22. Samantha Snider says:

    I consider myself a little bit more on the “curvy” side of Plus Size and I
    have actually found that there are some Forever 21 clothes that fit me
    pretty well if I buy a size up. Wet Seal actually has some cute plus size
    clothing as well (that is super inexpensive) so check them out if you get
    the chance.

  23. LilySweetz says:

    i def have a double chin.. LOL but thank you for your kind words, and the
    encouragement it is very appreciated, because i feel defeated sometimes,
    but knowing that theres someone out there who sees the goal of the channel
    and appreciates it, it brings it all back to being worth it .

  24. LilySweetz says:

    haha thanks doll, Also i ADORE my BOOM BOOM BAM LADIES ! love u guys… and
    yeah torrid has super comfy wide width heels, and if u search really good
    rainbow has really ice ones too.

  25. Alexis Lay says:

    do you know any stores thats sell affordable shoes in a size twelve?