Ashley Graham’s Hairstylist Uses This Surprising Hack to Fake a Fuller Hairline

There’s no doubt that Ashley Graham is drop-dead stunning, but even the most show-stopping celebrities need the help of beauty hacks from time to time. Enter the 30-year-old model’s hairstylist, Justine Marjan, who, in an interview with Elle, revealed her genius hack for avoiding uneven sections in your hairline.

In an interview in Elle‘s February issue, Marjan—who has also worked with stars like Olivia Culpo, Fifth Harmony, and a little-known family named the Kardashian-Jenners—broke down her easy trick for faking a fuller hairline, and her secret is likely already in your beauty closet.

“No one has a perfect hairline, so I like to fill it in with with an eyeshadow that matches the color of the hair,” Marjan said. “It looks fuller in photos and creates the illusion of depth. When I see a red-carpet look without it, I’m like, ‘Who let her go out like that?’”

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Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

That’s right. Marjan (a.k.a the hair wizard to the stars) uses a teeny bit of eyeshadow, which she sweeps across her clients’ heads to create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. (Just make sure that the shadow matches your roots.)

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Marjan said that she uses the hack almost every time she styles a celebrity for the red carpet, so we’re assuming that the trick works well in faking thicker hair for pictures. Though it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be walking the red carpet any time soon, we can still adopt the hack for some slay-worthy Instagram pictures. See you never, uneven hairlines.


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22 Bold and Beautiful Celebrity Afros That Helped Define Black History

Women of color have long been encouraged to adopt European beauty standards instead of embracing the versatility of their natural hair. And in an era where celebrity culture still plays a large role in the decisions we make regarding personal appearance, we’re grateful for the famous ladies who rock their coils and curls unapologetically.

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Sure, we love experimenting with weaves, wigs and extensions, but no hairstyle embodies black girl magic more boldly than an afro. From the era of Studio 54 to present day, these are the celebrity afros–of all shapes, sizes and textures– that have helped shape black beauty history.


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Kim K.’s Makeup Artist Attempts to Defend KKW’s Non-Inclusive Shade Range

In a post-Fenty Beauty world, makeup lovers aren’t hesitating to call out brands with non-inclusive products. Kim Kardashian-West‘s KKW Beauty is no exception. This week, the media mogul announced that her namesake line would add a set of contour single sticks that carry more of the formula. This came about after consumers requested a new version of the previous double-ended version.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

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While the brand tweeted that it had been listening to customer critiques and loved the feedback, one thing they seemed to gloss over is the need for a wider shade range. And as expected, KKW shoppers flocked to the ever-popular TrendMood1 Instagram page to voice their concerns.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

“There’s a couple of new shades. Its not great, she definitely could have some more shades,” wrote user @carter_cat_. “The first launch had only like 6 shades.”

“There are people way darker than the darkest shade. this is a great shade range but it still doesn’t cover everyone,” added user @aundreyagrace.

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Another unhappy Instagrammer, @jessicasfairytale, also noticed that the range isn’t inclusive of those with pale skin, either. “I don’t understand how she could’ve worked with Nikkie (a while back) who commented you need fair options…. and KKW Beauty still doesn’t have a fair option. Super pale girls can’t highlight with a light.”

Before more people could chime in, Kardashian’s devoted makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, jumped into the mix to defend the new range, citing years of experience behind his reasoning.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

“How many contour shades could you possible need or use?,” he said to one of the commenters. “In my 18 years of working as a makeup artist on set with every skin tone imaginable I’ve always only used a few shades to contour. Contour doesn’t need to match your skin you just need a deeper shade to blend in.”

Besides the fact that his words come off as extremely dismissive, it seems Dedivanovic failed to realize that fans weren’t asking how to contour. They were only saying that the shade range doesn’t account for darker skin tones that require even deeper shades for the contour to be visible on the skin.

“You realize that there are darker people in the world right?,” wrote @hutchjessica. “And they want to wear makeup too right? I get that this is your friend but there are people who exist who the deepest shade wouldn’t be a suitable contour shade bc it’s too light.” also added, “Black/African/POC YouTubers and customers have stated that they wish there was more darker shades to contour with! Have you even bothered to listen to the concerns of others?? She was praising the shade range and you have to bitch about it? ‘You just need a deeper shade to blend in’ EXACTLY and there are very few complexions out there and very few contour products for those deep complexions.”

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So, in reference to Dedivanovic’s question, “How many contour shades could you possible need or use?,” the answer would be, “more than what’s being offered in this limited range.”

As emphasized by another well-informed Instagrammer, @alliebug_80, “contouring products of all makeup items serve the purpose to be darker than the skin tone like you said but it does not do that for all people. We can’t just keep acting like the skin tone chart ends after ‘deep dark’.”

It is worth noting that Dedivanovic attempted to clean up this mess of an exchange by claiming to have made his comment based on @carter_cat_’s complexion. But again, that only proves just how misinformed and dismissive brands can be while developing products.

We can only hope he and other brands with an inclusivity problem step their game up. The excuses are lame.


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11 Expert Answers to Randomly Chosen Beauty Questions

One of the more challenging parts of being a beauty editor is constantly having to remind friends and readers that I am not a blogger, vlogger, or makeup artist. Sure, I can make recommendations, relay advice from the experts, and help you apply your foundation, but I’m not a walking beauty dictionary and can’t answer every question under the sun.

However, there is a core set of random but all-too-common conundrums that need addressing, like knowing whether to apply your concealer before or after foundation and if there’s a proper way put mascara on your bottom lashes. Ahead, Mary Wiles, a London and New York–based makeup artist whose celebrity clientele includes Saoirse Ronan, Brie Larson, and Naomi Watts, and Shannon Pezzetta, celebrity makeup artist at Starworks Artists, offer quick-fire answers to 11 of them.

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How do I apply mascara to my lower lashes?

Watts prefers to use a small square flat brush and apply close to the lash line to “avoid looking feathery and smudging.” Alternatively, Pezzeta likes to “use a tiny brush, add mascara to the end of the lash with the tip of the wand and use back-and-forth strokes at the roots.” Both methods work; it’s just a matter of preference … and the steadiness of your hand.

If I only have two minutes to apply my makeup, what should I do? 

“You should curl lashes and then apply mascara, and then a BB Cream,” says Watts. “I like INIKA BB Cream, followed by a highlighter, and then finish with a time-saving dual-purpose tint, like INIKA Lip and Cheek Cream, that looks great on both lips and cheeks.”

STYLECASTER | Random Beauty Questions | Inika BB Cream


And according to Pezzetta, you can also apply a quick layer of mascara, along with a natural-looking cream blush.

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What color should my under-eye concealer be?

Both artists agree that concealer should be one shade lighter than your foundation. Watts adds, “Apply with fingertips, patting into the skin to blend in. Your foundation should match your skin shade and tone.”

How do I keep my eyeliner from smearing?

Both artists also agree that a water-resistant liner is the smartest way to avoid smudging and creasing.

Should I always apply my lip line before lip color?

Although she doesn’t always use it, Watts says that lip liner should always be applied first since it serves as a good base for lipstick and can prevent bleeding.

Which comes first: foundation or concealer?

The answer is unanimous: Foundation first, ladies.

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Is it better to apply makeup with your hands or a tool (like a brush or Beautyblender)? 

“I use both. It’s personal preference. Hands are going to soften and warm product more, which can help blend,” says Watts.

STYLECASTER | Random Beauty Questions | Beautyblender


Is makeup primer actually necessary?

While Watts deems it necessary since it “creates a good base and keeps makeup in place longer,” Pezzetta thinks it can also depend on the person’s skin. For instance, she prefers to use it on skin with larger pores.

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How often should I wash my makeup tools?

It’s pretty difficult to escape germs, so Watts advises washing every time you use them. “I wash them in Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap—cuts through the oil,” she says.

STYLECASTER | Random Beauty Questions | Mrs. Meyer's Dish Soap

How do I prevent my eyeshadow from creasing?

Watts says to “use a makeup eye base or a fine face powder like INIKA to create a smooth oil-free surface.” And according to Pezzetta, you can also utilize a lid primer, like this one from Urban Decay.

What’s the difference between setting spray and setting powder?

Both versions hold makeup in place, but what differentiates them is the finish. “Setting spray gives more of a glow, and powder is matte,” says Pezzetta.


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